GALIOT MMS – Rig Maintenance and Spare Parts Management System

GALIOT MMS Rig edition is web based Rig Maintenance Management software solution to ensure operational safety, maximise productivity and equipment uptime, optimise inventory and track, analyse and report all activities regarding equipment maintenance, PM scheduling and spares/services requisitioning.

Special Galiot MMS Rig Edition Features:

  • Support for On-line and/or Remote Operating Mode

    Some of rigs could be connected directly to Galiot Office Server via internet, and other rigs, without or with slow internet connection, will be connected office server asynchronously using Galiot Link bidirectional Data Transfer module.

  • Galiot Link

    Galiot Link is bidirectional asynchronously data transfer utility. For rigs without internet connection, bidirectional communication with Galiot server at low cost is enabled. Due to this tool, on-line and remote operation modes are simultaneously supported.

  • Multiple Plant/Rig classification schema

    Each plant/rig may have different classification schema. The set of predefined schemas for Offshore Rigs, Onshore Rigs, Work-over rigs and Well-service Rigs are shipped with Galiot. You can use these, add new ones, or change existing templates as you wish.

  • Rig and Equipment Movement Manager

    Movement Manager track rig movements and manage equipment movement. (Form one rig/stock/base to the another rig/stock/base)

  • Company Maintenance Management (NOT Rig by Rig Maintenance!)

    Galiot MMS is a Company Maintenance Management System where all rigs in the company share common data (equipment types/technical description, spare parts, material, maintenance procedures, vendors, inventory, equipment classification, …) in ONE integrated cross-referenced database.

GALIOT SMS – Safety Management System for Contractors

GALIOT SMS Rig edition is web based total Safety Management software compliant with OHSAS 18001 SMS requirements.

GALIOT SQM – Compliance & Audit Management System for Contractors

GALIOT SQM Rig edition is comprehensive web based Compliance and Certification Audit Management software with powerful workflow engine for all audit types (ISO, OHSAS …) and all audit lifecycle steps with end-to-end support for distributed audit participants collaboration.

GALIOT DOC – Document Management System for Contractors

GALIOT DOC Rig edition is web based Document Management software for creating, co-authoring, storing, organising, distributing and retrieving any amount of documents (SPO, technical documentation, drawings, maintenance manuals, spare parts books, …) between office and dislocated rigs with easy to use read & sign functionality.

GALIOT CLS – Staff Training and Certificates Management for Contractors

GALIOT CLS Rig edition is web-based human resource software solution to track training, manage and plan certifications and licences renewal for all company employees, season workers and subcontractors.