GALIOT SMS - Safety Management System for Airports

GALIOT SMS Airport edition is web based total Airport Safety Management software compliant with ICAO, and FAA requirements.

GALIOT SeMS - Security Management System for Airports

GALIOT SeMS Airport edition is comprehensive web based Security Management software compliant with ICAO Annex 17 and Doc 8973 - Aviation Security Manual requirements.

GALIOT SQM – Compliance & Audit Management System for Airports

GALIOT SQM Airport edition is comprehensive web based Compliance and Audit Management software with powerful workflow engine for all (internal and external) audit lifecycle steps and end-to-end support for distributed audit participants collaboration.

GALIOT WLM – Airport Wildlife Management System

GALIOT WLM is web based Wildlife Hazard Management software dedicate designed for airport operators to reduce the threat of aircraft and wildlife interaction.

GALIOT DOC – Airport Document Management System

GALIOT DOC Airport edition is web based Airport Document Management software for creating, co-authoring, storing, organising, distributing and retrieving any amount of airport specific documents with easy to use read & sign functionality to meet aircraft operators requirements.

GALIOT ASF – Aerodrome Manual

GALIOT ASF is web based electronic version of AOI – Aerodrome Operational Instructions part of the Aerodrome Manual for creating, recording, storing, and distributing aerodrome procedures.

GALIOT APM – Airport Performance Measurement

GALIOT APM is web based software implementation of “ACI Guide to Airport Performance Measures” and “ACRP 19 Guide for developing Airport Performance Measurement System”.

GALIOT MMS – Maintenance and Spare Parts Management System for Airports

GALIOT MMS Airport edition is web based Airport Maintenance Management software solution to ensure runway safety, maximise productivity and equipment uptime, optimise inventory and track, analyse and report all activities regarding equipment maintenance, PM scheduling and spares/services requisitioning.

GALIOT PXS – Airport Passengers Survey

GALIOT PXS Airport edition is web-based passenger survey software solution to gather customer satisfaction feedback and complains about airports service quality, security process and other aspects of their experience and to compare survey results to established key performance indicator targets.

GALIOT CLS – Airport Staff Training and Licences Management

GALIOT CLS Airport edition is web-based human resource software solution to track training, manage and plan certifications and licences renewal for airport employees, season workers and subcontractors.