List of Core and Key Departmental Airport Performance Indicators supported:

Airfield Operations (AO)

  • Annual Aircraft Operations (AO C-1)
  • Closure for Adverse Weather (AO K-1)
  • FOD - Number of Items Found per Inspection (AO K-2)
  • Wildlife/Birds Strike (AO K-6)

Air Service (AS)

  • Cargo Tons (AS C-2)
  • Enplanements (AS C-3)
  • Nonstop Destinations (AS C-4)
  • Passenger Flights (AS C-5)
  • Average Landed Weight (AS K-1)
  • Average Seats per Flight (AS K-2)
  • Domestic Cargo Flights (AS K-3)
  • Economic Impact (AS K-5)
  • International Cargo Flights (AS K-6)
  • Total Landed Weight (AS K-7)

Airport Rescue & Firefighting (AR)

  • ARFF Total Cost (AR K-1)
  • ARFF Cost per Enplanement (AR K-2))
  • ARFF Cost per Operation (AR K-3)
  • ARFF Response within Mandated Response Times [%] (AR K-4)
  • Airport Medical Emergency Responses within Established Standards (AR K-4)

Cargo (CA)

  • Airport Warehouse Space Leased [%] (CA K-1)
  • All-Cargo Aircraft Landed Weight (CA K-2)
  • Domestic Cargo Tons (CA K-3)
  • International Cargo Tons (CA K-4)

Concessions (CN)

  • Concessions Revenue as % of Total Revenue (CN C-6)
  • Concessions Revenue per Enplanement (CN C-7)
  • Rental Car Revenue per Destination Passenger (CN C-8)
  • Concessions Gross Sales per Enplanement (CN K-1)
  • Concessions Gross Sales per Square Meter (CN K-2)
  • Concessions Revenue per Airport Square Meter (CN K-3)
  • FBO Revenue to the Airport (CN K-4)

Energy Management (EN)

  • Airfield Electrical Consumption (EN K-1)
  • Airport Vehicles and GSE converted to Energy-Efficient Types [%] (EN K-2)
  • Renewable Energy Generated by the Airport [%] (EN K-3)
  • Renewable Energy Purchased by the Airport [%] (EN K-4)
  • Terminal Building Electrical Consumption per Square Meter (EN K-6)
  • Utilities/Energy Cost, Airport Total (EN K-7)
  • Utilities/Energy Cost per Square Meter of Terminal Building (EN K-8)

Environmental (EV)

  • Carbon Footprint (EV K-1)
  • Deicing - Fluid Recovery [%] (EV K-2)
  • LEED Building Projects [%] (EV K-3)
  • Environmental Reviews - Timeliness of Completion (EV K-4)
  • Environmental Violations - Number of NOVs (EV K-5)
  • Noise Abatement Procedures - % Compliance (EV K-7)
  • Reportable Discharges (EV K-9)
  • Stages 2 Operations < 75,000 Lbs (EV K-10)
  • Waste Recycling (EV K-11)

Financial (FN)

  • Airline Cost per Enplanement (FN C-9)
  • Airport Cost per Enplanement (FN C-10)
  • Bond Rating (FN C-11)
  • Days Unrestricted Cash on Hand (FN C-12)
  • Debt per Enplanement (FN C-13)
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio (FN C-14)
  • Non-Aeronautic Operating Revenue as % of Total Revenue (FN C-15)
  • Non-Aeronautic Operating Revenue per Enplanement (FN C-16)
  • Operating Cost per Enplanemnt (FN C-17)

General Aviation (GA)

  • Based Aircraft (GA C-18)
  • Fuel Use/Sales (GA C-19)
  • Hangar Rental and Ground Lease Income (GA C-20)

Human Resources (HR)

  • M/W/DBE Participation Rate; Actual vs Goal (HR C-21)
  • Salary Costs as % of Total Operating Costs (HR C-22)
  • Salary Cost per Airport Employee (HR C-23)
  • Airport Employees (HR K-1)
  • Employee Job Satisfaction (HR K-6)
  • Enplanements per Airport Employee (HR K-7)
  • Training Hours per Employee (HR K-9)
  • Average overdue licence renewal (HR G-1))
  • Number of employees without valid licence (HR G-2)

Maintenance (MN)

  • Mean Time to Repair (MN G-1)
  • Equipment in Service Time [%] (MN G-2)
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MN G-3)
  • Failures Reported (MN G-4)
  • Average Preventive Maintenance Overdue (MN G-5)
  • Equipment - Average Age (MN K-1)
  • Maintenance Cost per Square Meter of Terminal (MN K-5)
  • Runaway/Taxiway Maintenance Cost (MN K-6)

Parking (PK)

  • Parking Revenue per Originating Passenger (PK C-24)
  • Parking Revenue per Transaction (PK K-1)
  • Parking Spaces (PK K-2)
  • Parking Transaction per Month (PK K-3)
  • Parking Utilisation - Peak Period (PK K-4)
  • Privately Operated Parking Spaces vs Total Parking Space (PK K-5)
  • Revenue per Day (PK K-6)
  • Vehicles Parked per Originating Passengers (PK K-7)

Police/Security (PS)

  • Air Operation Area Violations (PS K-1)
  • Crimes Reported on the Airport (PS K-2)
  • Police/Security Total Costs (PS K-3)
  • Police/Security Costs per Enplanement (PS K-4)
  • Security Response within Established Response Time [%] (PS K-5)
  • Thefts Reported in Terminal Area (PS K-7)

Properties/Contracts (PC)

  • Landing Fee Rate (PC C-26)
  • Passenger Airline Aeronautical Fees (PC K-2)
  • Percent of Hangar Space Leased (PC K-3)
  • Percent of terminal Space Leased (PC K-4)
  • Terminal Rental Rate (PC K-5)

Public Affairs (PA)

  • Community Complains - Average Time to Respond (PA K-1)
  • Community Complains - Number Received (PA K-2)
  • Media Inquires - Number Received (PA K-3)
  • Media Mentions - Number (PA K-4)

Safety/Risk Management (SR)

  • Employee Accidents and Injuries - Lost Work Days (SR C-27)
  • Runaway Incursions and Excursions (SR C-28)
  • Total Accidents and Incidents on Airport Premises (SR K-1)
  • Aircraft Accidents and Incidents Only (SR K-2)
  • Annual Certification Inspection Results (SR K-3)
  • Injuries per FTE (SR K-5)
  • Safety Code Violations (SR K-8)
  • Vehicle Accidents on Airport Premises (SR K-9)

Service Quality (SQ)

  • Customer Satisfaction (SQ C-29)
  • Airport Cleanliness - Passengers Perception (SQ K-1)
  • Airport Courtesy - Passengers Perception (SQ K-2)
  • Arrival Delay per Flight (SQ K-3)
  • Baggage Claim - Passengers Perception (SQ K-4)
  • Departure Delay per Flight (SQ K-5)
  • Easy of Connection - Passengers Perception (SQ K-6)
  • Percent of Arriving Flights Delay (SQ K-7)
  • Percent of Departing Flights Delay (SQ K-8)
  • Wait Times other then Security Checkpoints (SQ K-9)
  • Wait Times at Security Checkpoints (SQ K-10)
  • Wayfinding - Passengers Perception (SQ K-11)

Terminal Operations (TO) )

  • Enplanemnts per Gate (TO K-1)
  • Gate Utilisation (TO K-1)